red is my favourite colour

I see red all the time. I close my eyes and can see my heart beating, feel that red in my veins, taste the salty sour in my mouth. red is a colour of passion they say. I feel angry all the time, is that passion? when I’m not angry I am always falling in love. with the cracks in the sidewalk. with the way the curtains are, in his room, when I am awake when I am not supposed to be. I liked the red sunsets, sometimes I hate them because it is the end of a good day and I don’t know if tomorrow will be the same. and that makes me angry. I saw a picture of a brain once and it was all grey. what the fuck? beautiful things should be red. the way I swipe my lipstick on before a date. the flowers on the side of the road. the little candies that stain my teeth and tongue. too much wine that makes me sick to my stomach. all the red.

© Alexandra Jema

5 thoughts on “red is my favourite colour

  1. For some reason this reminded of The Red by Chevelle. Nice song. Anyway I like the associations you have made with red and shown the different significance it can ho!d in different situations. But through this poem there is a thread, a narrative that connects it all and doesn’t make it all sound random.

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