interplanetary discourse

well sometimes it feels like you are in the middle of some big colossal argument or discussion or whatever and the enormity of the words does not hit you until they are out of your mouth—where it feels like there are half-sentences hanging between the canyons of space between you yet they are the same words—the desperation of trying to explain that you are both on the same side—like poles on the opposite ends of the world—that hopeless, hopeless, hopeful reach—and when the explosion is over and the moondust settles, I whisper messages on comet tails and blow them over to you like kisses

© Alexandra Jema

2 thoughts on “interplanetary discourse

  1. I really appreciate the overwrought nature of this poem. The sharp pain of being isolated yet having a conversation, spoken into a corner, and all the failings of language compounded with shortsighted anger on each side. I think the loneliness, and the hopeless hopefulness are the worst parts.

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